Superpower Dogs embraces a fact in front of our very noses...

Dogs are truly amazing. They possess super-human abilities we can only dream of. We never tire of learning about them and hearing inspiring stories from every dog lover in every corner of the world -- please keep sharing them with us!

We are hugely excited to announce we have begun pre-production on an epic 3D live-action film for release in IMAX® and giant screen theaters. This film is the first of its kind and will tell the true stories of search and rescue dogs that fight crime, save lives and lift our spirits. We will travel with these dogs as they brave avalanches and earthquakes, sniff out disease and danger and bring wildlife poachers to justice. Our plan is to put you - the audience - into the heart of the action and inside the eyes, ears and nose of a dog.

We want you to join us every step of the way on this extraordinary journey across the world, to laugh and cry with us and be alongside as we meet some of the most amazing canine superheroes and their human partners.

We can promise that you will never look at our best friends the same way again!

Meet the Heroes

These are your stories about Superpower Dogs who are transforming lives and putting wrongs to right!

Hero Dog
Penn Vet Working Dog Center

Penn Vet Working Dog Center

Penn Vet Working Dog Center is on the cutting edge of working dog research, education and training. Come and meet these amazing dogs now!

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Rina's Story

Rina's Story

Meet the Superpower Dog who changes lives through emotional support and humor.

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Ricochet hits the headlines

Ricochet hits the headlines

Come and find out why Ricochet the surf dog is known for her amazing work with Veterans.

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Meet Dogs Playing For Life

Meet Dogs Playing For Life

Come and meet our partner, Dogs Playing For Life. They realize the importance of play and socialization to enrich the lives of shelter dogs.

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Meet Cori, the Superpower Puppy

Meet Cori, the Superpower Puppy

Meet Cori, the puppy in training to become a service dog. Can you guess who her famous celebrity sibling is?

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Canine Companions Change Lives

Canine Companions Change Lives

Meet the dogs that enhance the lives of people with disabilities by providing highly trained assistance dogs.

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Wall of fame

We want to say a special thank you to everyone who contributed to our Indiegogo campaign. Your support at the very beginning of our journey to make the first ever giant screen film about our best friends is helping us to turn our dream into a reality! To show our appreciation your name has been added to our Superpower Dogs Wall of Fame, where your kind contribution will always be remembered.

Your support also allowed us to contribute 20% of the funds raised to help the following amazing dog organisations:

  • Aagaard Larsen, Nichlas
  • Adams, Terri
  • Allsopp, Henry William
  • Andruschak, Wendy
  • Angelo, Laura
  • Arnquist, Wendy
  • Bagdoniene, Raimonda
  • Baldwin Mallory, JoAnna
  • Balkus, Peter
  • Beard, Alex
  • Beaty, Nancy Walcott
  • Beaty, Anne
  • Beazley, Travis
  • Becker, Dietrich
  • Bedford, Adam
  • Bennett, Simon
  • Bertram, Nathan
  • Beys, Mike and Cheyne
  • Billewicz, Andrea
  • Bittar, Nathalie
  • Boit, John
  • Bond McClain, Lizabeth
  • Boris, Leah
  • Bosanquet, Kips and Nick
  • Boyse, Carol
  • Brabet-Friel, Marjorie
  • Bregstein, Henry
  • Brice, Debby
  • Brumwell, Jane
  • Brunner, Lorraine
  • Buccini, Christopher
  • Buhler, Victor
  • Bull, Cecilia
  • Bury, Antonia
  • Cadbury, Joel
  • Candace and K9 Buck
  • Carey, Elizabeth
  • Carruthers, Julie
  • Carson, Sara
  • Carter, Ella
  • Carter, Janine M
  • Caton, Dan
  • Cavendish Trust Company
  • Cercone, Karen Rose
  • Chavez, Cindy
  • Chick, Bonny
  • Chlopek, Lindsay
  • Cisneros, Adriana
  • Cobb, Lynn
  • Cole, Robert
  • Collier, Isabel
  • Corbin, Karen
  • Cowart, Hilary
  • Cowles, Christine
  • Crafts, Marcia
  • Creane, Carlene
  • Cretarola, Michele
  • Dagenhart, Nancy
  • Daly, Jean
  • Darwin, Kathleen
  • Davidson, Emily
  • Deemer, Paul C
  • DeLeon, Maria
  • Dent, Adam
  • DeShon, Margaret
  • Dispenza, Tami
  • Dorng, Pamela
  • Drager, Cynthia
  • Duckett, Megan
  • Duffy, Kathryn
  • Duncan, Justin
  • Duncan, Michelle
  • Dyrr, Kristen
  • Eickhoff, Cheryl Anne
  • Ercilla, Bella
  • Ercilla, Mryna
  • Evans, Fleur
  • Farrington, Shaun
  • Fattal, Eliane
  • Ferguson, Daniel
  • Firestone, Eric
  • Fitzgerald, Beverly
  • Fitzgibbons, Ruth
  • Flodstrom, Eva
  • Fowler, Gary Charles
  • Franklin, Natalia
  • Fulford, Charles
  • Gabriel, Daniel
  • Garrett, Megan
  • Gerin, Gilles
  • Gibson, Julie
  • Giermek, Peggy
  • Goettsch, Dan and Ana
  • Goldner, Emily
  • Goodman, Ginny
  • Grant, Edward
  • Hamada, Susan
  • Harada, Denise
  • Hawke, Nikki
  • Hayter, Jeffrey
  • Heinrich, Margaret de
  • Hepfer, Christian
  • Hilton, Dayna
  • Holly-Rosing, Madeleine
  • Hubbard, Shannon
  • Ippolito, Laura-Megan
  • Irvin, Princess
  • Johnsen, Pia
  • Johnson-Hill, Sue and Alan
  • Johnston, Hannah
  • Josemiguel, Diaz
  • Kapila, Tania
  • Kardynalski, Ingrid
  • Karlan, Jimmy
  • Kasian, Jill
  • Kawamura, Eriko
  • Kingsmill, Colin
  • Knapp, Jean
  • Kopac, Gina
  • Kopac, Jelena
  • Kopac, Joe
  • Kovacevich, Jill
  • Krauss, Michael
  • Krofcheck, Douglas
  • Lehniger, Frank
  • Laing, B-Jo
  • Lane Fox, Oliver
  • Lewis, Zoe
  • Lickfett, Christian and Keri
  • Lin, Dandelion
  • Loofbourrow, Gail
  • Lovell, Kristine
  • Lowry, Nikki
  • Mansner, Merja
  • Mantin, Adam
  • Mark, Alessandra
  • Maynard, Cassandra M
  • McDonald, Linda
  • Model, Alexa
  • Model, Alyne
  • Moffat, Karen
  • Molloy, Joseph F.
  • Mongiello, Kevin
  • Montgomerie, Miles
  • Moon Larson, Rory
  • Mouaikel, Paul
  • Mourenza, Alexis
  • Mullins, Ryan
  • Munk, Melanie
  • Munk, Nina
  • Munk, Peter
  • Murray, Heather
  • Nickels, Kim
  • Niki & Susi
  • Nissen, Heidi
  • Norman, Jonathan
  • Pallas-Ward, Chris
  • Palusamy, Cindy
  • Perry, Franny
  • Peterson, Lori and Mark
  • Phelps de Cisneros, Patricia
  • Powers, Gretchen
  • Provost, Natasha
  • Ramsey, Sumru
  • Randle, Maridawn L.
  • Ratterman, Tina
  • Robbins, Kadee
  • Roberts, Sarah
  • Robertson, Devin
  • Robertson, Edward
  • Rochell, Catherine
  • Roimola, Ben
  • Rosenfeld, Donald
  • Ruble, Chad
  • Samson, Jacques
  • San Germano, Manfredi di
  • Sandbæk Jørgensen, Ole
  • Scheuer, Judy
  • Schneider, Anne
  • Schwarzenbach, Ines Franck
  • Shehab, Anne
  • Shekim, Sirsa
  • Shelley, Maria R
  • Sheppard, Jennifer
  • Shindler, Esta
  • Siamdoust, Nahid
  • Sine, Laurie
  • Sipos, Kathy
  • Slowicki, Rick
  • Smeyers, Guy
  • Smith, Lorette Cherie
  • Smyth, Brian P.
  • Spalding, Esther
  • Stearns, Brian
  • Stewart, Amy
  • Stewart, Saira
  • Stone, Nancy
  • Stookey, Kate
  • Suomela, Essi
  • Sutton, Cheri
  • Takayama, Nancy
  • Tallack, Phillip
  • Thiry, Heather
  • Thompson-Duncan, Michelle
  • Thompson, Jean Marie
  • Thomson, Meg
  • Thorne, Will
  • Thornton Bryant, Jamie
  • Tizoc, Lupita and Tolstoy
  • Trusted, Gretchen
  • Vick, Megan
  • Villagrana, Gladys
  • Volk, Diane
  • Voorhees, Kristin
  • Wein, Daryl
  • Wentworth, Holly
  • Whiteway, Lydia
  • Williamson, Gillian
  • Wong, Jowett
  • Wonnell, Cheryl

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